MINI shoots

August 2020

What are Mini Photo Shoots? I hear you ask…

Mini Sessions are just what they sound like, a smaller version of the photo shoot packages I already offer.

My typical Birmingham based portrait sessions last around an hour, so my Mini Sessions should are just 30 minutes. It might not seem like long but trust me, it’s plenty of time to capture plenty of beautiful and funny moments. 

My Mini Sessions are designed to give you a taste of what I do. I don’t just photograph in The West Midlands, I pick a special location like The Confetti Fields in Pershore or Cotswold Lavender Farm. I announce my mini shoots on my Capture Photography Facebook Page so follow me if you’d like to find out photo shoots in Birmingham. I’m organising my Autumn/Winter shoots next!

The Confetti fields are special as they have a gorgeous range of flowers including sunflowers, delphiniums and wildflowers which provide a stunning variety of backdrops. The ideal location for mini photo shoots. They are at their best for a couple of weeks so you’ve got to keep an eye on when they open so you can pop down.

Full size Family photo shoots (If you just don’t think 30 minutes will be enough)

Maybe you would like to choose your own location, you have an extra large family or super shy children who take a little while to warm to strangers you could book my regular family photoshoot instead of a mini. I’ve photographed in people’s houses, their gardens, parks and forests in Birmingham and The West Midlands. Wherever your family feels most comfortable. The more relaxed you are, the better the photos will be

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With more than 9 years of experience in professional photography, Capture Events continues to provide wonderful photographs while offering various packages to suit a variety of budgets. Give Amy a call on 07812 911465 or email for more information.


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From a Mum…

Amy definitely has the eye for capturing the perfect images. The photos that she took of our newborn daughter were stunning and she was everything you would want: patient, creative & fun! Would definitely recommend to other new parents.

Holli Young. 2018

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